Some Formatting Notes

For the report

(Home) Change Style -> No paragraph spacing

(H) Align Text Left

(H) Align Title Center

(H) Align Heading Right (Name, Class, Date)

(H) Times New Roman 12 text

(Page Layout) Margins -> Normal (1” all around paper) OR Narrow (.5” all around to get more words on a page)


For parenthetical notations

Cite all facts or ideas that are not common knowledge and are not your own

Cite at the end of the last sentence

The period for the sentence goes INSIDE the parentheses

Parenthetical notations should have one, single word. If you are citing an authorless web page, choose the single best descriptive word in the title


To add page numbers

(Insert) Header ->Choose style (Blank is recommended for simplicity)

Check the Different First Page box so the header is not on the first page

Enter your last name and the page number on all pages starting at the second page

Note: You can do pretty much the same thing with the Page Number tool.


For pictures in the report

Find the location in the text you want to insert the picture, then

(Insert) Picture.

Right-click picture. Wrap Text -> Square


For the Works Cited page

Should be on a separate page

Reverse your First Line Indent and Left Indent markers

Arrange alphabetically

Remember, if the author is unknown, then start with the title


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